SSC tools

Tips on how to research, to prepare for a shoot and how to edit Single Shot Cinema footage.

Bamboo Camera Crane

[youtube id=”AqXudVX7mQk”]
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How to shoot Single Shot Cinema with the Comodo ORBIT

[youtube id=”yS4Et3HHNwg”]
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Single Shot Cinema

[youtube id=”f3A3gvvBpos”]
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Interview Leonard Retel Helmrich

[youtube id=”wRaE1WVjZYM”]
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How To Do Single Shot By Leonard Retel Helmrich

[youtube id=”TL2GUHi6W3c”]
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How to make a cheap camera crane

[youtube id=”n1WdJSRrC1k”]
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How to Balance the Comodo Orbit

[youtube id=”WFvWNZ_LDF4″]
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Inspiring people about the art of filming

Some quotes to think about