Scene transitions

In scene transitions you can create visual poetical marriage between different scenes. It becomes a glue that makes scenes become inseparable.

Scene Transitions can be just as power full as a whole scene it self. It can have the function and poetry of a symbolic scene. It can carry the feeling and emotional content to the next scene. Often is the use of special designed, very slow fade-overs used but when also inventive editing can make beautiful and meaningful scene transitions.


From tunnel to well

[youtube id="94l3g8WVMuQ"]
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Bakti sleeps grotto from Shape of The Moon

[youtube id="I2hhooq5GCU"]
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Smoke city from Eye of The Day

[youtube id="Al3ArdhQjKg"]
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Sukarno from Eye of The Day

[youtube id="LLc2jBooJq8"]
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