Collective shot by multiple operators

When shooting Single Shot Cinema you will be able to shoot your shots by following your intuition. But most grip devices are only good for a limited amount of camera movements. There for you have to plan your shots way ahead.

The Comodo Orbit enables you to follow your intuition when shooting because in essence you can make any shot you like, on the spot, the moment you think of it.

Recently I have improved Steady-wings in to the Comodo ORBIT. Tim Haskell, Bowens Limelight business development manager and videography/broadcast specialist says: “This new rig has been painstakingly developed to suit the “SSC” shooting technique pioneered by Leonard Retel Helmrich. Whereas other camera supports are designed for relatively short-term, single-handed operation, or designed to be body worn by the operator, this new rig is specifically engineered for two-handed operation. Leonard’s SSC’ style allows long and uninterrupted takes to be filmed from multiple positions by allowing full movement freedom to different camera viewpoint positions. Unlike any other camera stabilization system the patented twin-grip arrangement we have developed allows operators to pass the camera and rig from one user to another during filming for extended multi-point takes – giving viewers a unique perspective. It’s radical and unlike any other shooting style. The Omni Rig’s two-handed operation creates less operator fatigue than comparable single-handed support systems, allowing longer takes to be filmed before the user needs to rest”. Using the wide-set, multifunctional handles, the camera can be easily and safely moved from one cameraman to another, and folds up to accommodate filming in or through small spaces.

Jemand auf der Treppe / Single Shot Cinema

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Bamboo Camera Crane

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Inspiring people about the art of filming

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